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Leadership from within

Hard work turns into working from the heart. From increased involvement with everything you do comes greater clarity and resilience, ensuring that you’ll do your work with increased energy and pleasure. Bear In Mind’s programs use tools, techniques, and models derived from those based in emotional intelligence, transformational leadership presence, mindfulness, and positive psychology.

BIM’s thought leader programs

Pragmatic roadmap

How are our programs structured? Bear In Mind offers programs of varying lengths. From one to two days training courses, to programs with multi-day modules (three to seven days), to fully integrated programs spread out over an entire year.
A tailor-made program, depending on the end goals, could look as follows: a duration of 10 to 12 weeks, which would always commence with a two-day external training kick-off. After the two-day training there would be five separate training days, at fortnightly intervals. Homework and the use of a buddy-system would ensure for the necessary follow-ups between training courses. This program would eventually be supplemented with one-on-one coaching, in order to tailor and integrate what’s been learnt for daily use.

All experiential programs are sourced by designing from the three intelligences (thinking, truth, and emotions), while focussing on: (self-)leadership from within. All of Bear In Mind’s programs are both certified and authorised.

Science reveals that employees, who use their true power every day, are:
3 times less stress         6 times more engaged         8% more productive

Source: Gallup, 2015

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.

                                    Albert Einstein

What makes us unique?
In-Company programs

These are tailor-made programs, which provide insight to (self-)leadership, and how it can be attained. The effects of these are increased productivity, effectiveness, creativity, and greater pleasure and success at work.


Inspiring lectures about how (self-)leadership is associated with, and connected to, increased awareness, as well as how to reach this.


We provide expert guidance in order to develop and reinforce “high impact leadership”, with support from Bear In Mind tools.

Open enrollment

In order to be able to facilitate individuals as well as organisations we offer a seven-day training, which is spread out over three to four months, and begins twice a year. This is open to all individuals. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on these programs.

Strategic leadership in innovation

This is a practical, strategic program, focussed on new business development: setting foot in the field of the unknown. Bear In Mind makes use of proven design thinking tools in order to develop leadership, while directing it towards achieving increased innovation.

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