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The four dimensions we work from

Register to experience our approach. Our Bear In Mind Leadership program is accessible to everyone, taking into account time and cost. Because of the limited time in our busy schedules, we offer our program in two versions (with similar content):

Daytime option: 1-day workshop (8 hours)

Evening option: 3 weekly evening sessions (3 x 2.5 hours in evenings).

Program content

Within every human being there is a great desire to experience “joy & happiness”. We go into battle with “negative” emotions like anger, emptiness, anxiety or stress. We never seem finished and keep on searching; meditation retreats, coaching or training. Because most improvements and approaches fall within the strategies of the ego, we will (eventually) never really experience the peace we are longing for within ourselves.

Unless we get to understand the functioning of the ego, it wont dissolve. Like a wave disappearing into an ocean. This is the essence of leadership, and this is why our approach works!

This program is for everyone. It is for managers, leaders, coaches, social entrepreneurs, professionals, visionaries, teachers, politicians and everyone who is committed to and looking at how they can actually make a “difference” in their world and within the world around them.

Agenda & Registration

These taster programs introduce you to our approach and give you a glimpse of our full length programs:

The Stress Reduction Inquiry
(The Work in Leadership)

In this program, developed by Byron Katie, we learn in-depth how to apply the “Stress Reduction Inquiry method”, which leads us back to reality and accepting it. Reality does not give us stress; it is the thoughts we have about life and reality that are stressful. With four simple questions and from the perspective “is it true”, this program provides us with stunning insights. Results: more energy, productivity, effectiveness and “joy”.

(Transformational Presence Leadership Coaching)

Unleash the hidden potential of your employees to change the world! This program gives insights into how to create a world that does work. Leaders who are genuinely inspirational have the ability to switch between “whole-minded thinking” and “whole-being awareness”. You will be able to navigate through complex situations and circumstances. This offers leaders the tools and skills to achieve clarity, creativity and action from within.

Happiness at Work

What is “the mind” and what is “consciousness” and how does it work in daily life? In this course you will experience how our daily emotions can pave the way to clarity. Nowadays needed to make fast and high quality decisions in this “Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous” world. Theory and insights are interspersed with experiential exercises.

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This day starts at 9:30 am and lasts until 5:30 pm.

The fee for this program
€ 250,00 ex. VAT

Wednesday or Thursday, 07.00 -10.00 pm

The fee for this program
€ 250,00 ex. VAT

22 April in Amsterdam
25 May in Amsterdam
24 June in Amsterdam
26 August in Amsterdam
16 September in Amsterdam
12 October in Amsterdam
7 day program: 1 day every 2 weeks (duration 4 months)

11, 18, 25 May in Amsterdam
12, 19, 26 May in Amsterdam
8, 15, 22 June in Amsterdam
16, 23, 30 June in Amsterdam

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