Look deep into nature, then you
will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

A shift from suffering to freedom and joy

Problems are a product of thinking, not of reality. Bear In Mind offers programs that focus on the core, by increasing mindful consciousness. By using practical and fundamental tools and techniques, employees, professionals, and (management) teams are able to gather the insights, experience, and practice by which their (self-) leadership can be enhanced.

The result: mentally fitter employees, less sick leave, faster and clearer decision making, lasting results, and improved collaboration because of more fun and happy workspace. This creates an inspiring organisational culture, through the greater individual connectedness with oneself. (Self-)leadership triggers and enables the shift from suffering within our brains, to leading from the heart.

Leadership: mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

People don’t resist change.
They resist being changed.

Leading from the core

A selection from the
range of our programs


For the majority of the time, we’re stuck with our thoughts in the past or in the future – rarely in the present. Using our practical methods you can learn how to bring both yourself and your team back to the present, so that you can focus on the moment – the moment being where growth can naturally emerge.

Leadership presence

Thoughts and emotions come and go. This is a one-on-one program, focussed on ensuring that as a leader you’re always consciously aware and present, no matter the circumstances. This is the gateway to enhancing the traits that will guarantee 100% effectiveness, those being: Curiosity, Presence, and Compassion.

Team building

A program best suited for middle management, focused on effective team coaching. In this program participants pause, reflect, and experience the power of “doing nothing”: learning to bring complex problems back to their uncomplicated roots.

Vitality and Leadership

This program takes a deep dive into our drivers behind stress. With this profound understanding organizations are able to create a long-lasting positive mindset. This effective stress management tool enables future growth and sustainable well-being.

SRI method

The SRI (Stress Reduction Inquiry) method, “The Work”, directs the exploration of your thoughts, helping you to become at peace with both yourself and the world around you. By exploring and analysing your deep-rooted beliefs and thought patterns you’re able to overcome them, helping you to come into the here and now, in order to become 100% effective.

Envisioning innovation

Leadership requires the formulation of a vision, as well as the subsequent effective execution and implementation of it. Bear In Mind offers a total program where innovation and leadership come together.


This is a program designed to transform a hierarchical organization into a holistic organization.