Whenever you are confronted with an
opponent. Conquer him with love.






Picture: Koen Suyk

Why Bear In Mind

We create positive, meaningful organisation cultures, where people can work with pleasure and passion, while producing consistently valuable results. To this end Bear In Mind offers experiential programs, utilising and combining the latest insights from positive psychology, non-dualism, and emotional intelligence, so that the managers and professionals of today are able to transform into tomorrow’s leaders.

Bear In Mind utilises proven programs and methods, applied and developed by “thought leaders”. Our approach, whether it be for an entire organisation, a team, or for an individual, is always focussed on enhancing and increasing (self-)leadership, by creating clarity and mindful consciousness from within. Given today’s complexities, being able to have clear vision requires a clear mind.

Higher well-being scores also equals fewer sick days
and it is highly contagious

                                                                   Source: Christakis, Fowler (Harvard),Gallup, 2015

What makes us unique?
Evidence based

proven techniques.
Tested on
hundreds of people.

‘Thought leaders’

Based on the latest
insights of ‘thought leaders’
from all over the world.

Practical and fundamental

Our case studies are all derived
from the workplace. This means that
what’s learnt can then be directly
integrated into the daily life of
your workplace, making it possible
for fundamental changes to be measured.

Sustainable performance

Having intrinsic awareness ensures
that there will be lasting changes
from within, providing lasting
effects and impact.

People don’t leave companies, they leave leaders!

                                                                                                                         Greg Savage

What makes our approach so effective? Our unique combination of
(self-)leadership and reality
Greater intuitive knowledge

The greater intuitive knowledge.
Non-dualism, Consciousness.
Creativity, Innovation, and

Thought Research

Examine your thoughts.
Focus, Direction, Guidance.
Performance, Vitality, and Effectiveness.

A better emotional compass

Passion, Fuel, Pleasure,
Communication, Collaboration,
Self-Consciousness, Self-Management,
Emotional skills.

Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you.

                                                                                                                                        Byron Katie

The development of (self-)leadership
What can it offer?
The enhancement of
your leadership skills

Increase your effectiveness,
decisiveness, and ability
to inspire others.

Vitality and Resilience

Mental fitness, emotional self-management,
energy, and pleasure from working.
Diminished stress symptoms, and
therefore less sick leave.

Sustainable achievements
and collaboration

Focus, clarity, and a greater feeling
of connectedness with others.

How does it work?
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